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Georgia Olive, LLC is an importer and distributor of the worlds finest olive oils. We also grow olives in the state of Georgia, USA. The company's offices are located in Macon, Georgia. It will be a couple of years before our olive trees will be mature enough to harvest a full crop of olives. There are not many locations in North America where olive trees will produce fruit. South Georgia is one of those areas. Olive trees need a certain amount of cooler winter weather to produce fruit, but if the temperature gets below 20 degrees F for any extended period, the tree can suffer major damage. We have selected olive varieties which are more tolerant of cold weather than others.

Our olive oil imports come from the world's best olive oil producers. We selected our olive oil imports by traveling through the olive farming areas of the world and finding the best by tasting and testing. Our extra virgin olive oils are smooth blends of olive varieties that have a wonderful finish with low acid and just a slight hint of pepper. Our olive oils can compare in taste and quality to the best olive oils of the world. Georgia Olive provides the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Live life healthy and long, but do not miss the finer enjoyments of life.


  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Georgia Olive "Supreme Reserve"
   Product of Spain